Using gravel and loose stone to get the best value for your driveway

Considering how expensive the construction of a driveway can become, you can resort to gravel and loose stone. Both make an excellent alternative, which when done by skilled pavers can offer great value for your driveway. Gravel basically are small stone aggregates that come from the rock fragments weathering naturally. These may be obtained from…Read moreRead more

How to source your ideal builder

One would very much want to get a great builder, but, unfortunately, no guarantees are there when it comes to builders. Still and all there are ways one can increase the chances of getting an ideal builder for their specific project. First and foremost, you should think of a builder who’ll be able to turn…Read moreRead more

Brexit bearing down hard on housing market, says RICS

real estate

Brexit bearing down hard on housing market according to the RICS going down to the very lowest in the last six years. Many English men and women had the vision that Brexit was a blessing but as time passes by the effects especially negatives are witnessed. In one case its security next its economic and…Read moreRead more

The end of Government Solar Panel Payments in the UK is Confirmed

Solar Panels

A government announcement has confirmed recent speculation that payments for the widely popular payments to homeowners who have installed grid-connected solar panels will end in April 2019. However, this only applies to those installing solar panels after the 31st March 2019 deadline has passed, with effects on the solar panel cost UK guidelines. Those already…Read moreRead more